How To Add RSS Feed To Facebook Page

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For getting traffic from Facebook page, it’s very important to add your blog or site RSS feed in it. By the one side of your efforts that you do apart from spending time on Facebook, there are many useful applications that can assist you building strong professional links and making Facebook a strong channel of communication for you.

All you do on the side by projects are more reinforced by the greatest social media platform of the world. And posting the updated stories automatically to your timeline is way easier by using the application of RSS Feed on your Facebook.

Benefits Of Rss Graffiti For Blogs:

If you are running your blog, whatever you post to your blog, you can publish it to your Facebook profile via RSS Feed. It will keep on generating the traffic for your blog by posting the latest work to your wall and keep your friends and family informed with what you are doing currently. They will take interest in your activity and without any flaunt, they directly access your blog which is resultantly beneficial for you.

How To Add RSS Feed To Facebook Page

How it benefits your Business

Same is the idea for businessmen and professionals who want to hold major links and social circle expansion for the growth of their targeted market and their customer increment. They can attract more people by using this application as it hover up your latest demand stories and your work to your entire circle out there. All you need to do is to install this application to your facebook account and your company blog will be shared with the huge number of people in your friend list.

How to Install RSS Feed on your Facebook?

The first and initial step for adding this RSS graffiti Feed is to click the application button on your wall. This will lead you to various applications Facebook. Over there, a number of similar apps will be available. Upon your choice, you can select the one. The desired application will be need to click in order to proceed and begin with the procedure of installation. Click install application and the automatic procedure will start.

Once the page reloads and the application is getting installed, a dialogue box will be open with certain options of customized settings. From there, you can create the complete working pattern of this app and then by saving the settings, you will move on. Out of so many random apps, the one we selected is the RSS Graffiti. If you want to install any other, the procedure is same. You need to locate your curser in the bottom left corner of your wall and click on the “Go to Application” button. This will allow you to search and buckle up any application you want.


Upon the selection of desired application and after installation, you can still modify and re-customize all the settings, and once you get this installed, it will do the following task for you;

1-      It will share your blogposts on your Facebook wall to keep your friends informed with the latest stories.

2-      It will share you twitter posts on Facebook by setting a prefix of re-tweeted.

3-      It converts your Twitter statuses into Facebook statuses if you want.

Above are some of the advantages with complete run through of the application of RSS Feed.

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