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Video games have undergone many great changes since they have come into existence. There are many smashing games from yesterdays that can still be very captivating. Though they are not so great in graphics, they still retain an aroma of thrill and experience around them even to this day.

Top 10 Android Games Apk:

The games of past years were pure with little distractions that you see today, and that is the reason why they find favor even now. Here are 10 old school games that you can play on modern gadgets running on Android. You will really love these android games.

Radiant Lite

Radiant Lite is one of the oldest of video games to hit the market. It has retained its charm through several decades and even today you will find them very interesting. You won’t see any gimmicks. It is simply skills and nothing else. The game is basically about shooting down alien crafts. Download.

 Gun Bros

Gun Bros is an amazing arcade style shooter game. You will particularly find the 3D visuals really interesting. The game has undergone some changes from its original version which was not made for mobile devices. Changes include new weapons in the armor. Graphics is a point in favor of the game. Download.

Velocispider Zero

Velocispider Zero is an arcade type shooter game. As a player your objective will be to shoot down various robots. Graphics in the game are in 16-bit so light on your device. You will really love the features and the ease with which you can play. The game can be very addictive beware. The game is free to download. The latest version is Velocispider Zero 1.0.2. Download.


Flee is an arcade type game. Unlike the older games that were generally played on computers and special devices, Flee is played on a console game player. The player will be driving down the road and avoiding vehicles that come in the opposite direction. They will also be presented with obstacles to overcome driving. It is really a very simple game to play and light weight, but can be really addicting. Download.

Coin Dozer

The game is simple to play and involves the dropping of coins and trying to push them into a bucket. The successfully pushed coins can be used for replenishing your gaming time which is kind of a bonus and also a relic of those old times. The game is best suited for those who want to play for short stints of time. It is best for relaxing when you are working at your office. Download.

Puzzle Attack

The game centers on a very simple concept and therefore playing the game is that much easier as well. You can choose three levels in the game depending upon how much you know about the game previously. To play the game you will have to create a profile. Since you will be playing the game online your previous session will be kept in memory, and you can continue from that point forward. Download.

Stardash Free

Chances are most people who have played this game during the early days will have forgotten the game altogether. The game is all about gathering coins running around. It is one of the most memorable games of the past. You will really appreciate the game for its excellent design. For some the game may be a little difficult to play, though it will be satisfying in the end. Download.


You will love Baviux for its cuteness. The graphic have been kept as simple as possible. The best thing you will love about the game is that the music is really great and likeable. But don’t the game to keep you engaged for too long. It is best for taking short breaks. Download.

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e

If you expect to see everything that was in the original game, then you may be a little disappointed, but resemblance it will be there for certain. The game is really fun to play and memorable too. You may have some complaints about the controls, but considering the overall feel of the game, you shouldn’t mind it. Download.


There are classes in which you can play the game. Starting with the basic class you can progress as your skill level on the game improves. In addition there are 6 sub classes to the game. This may be a little daunting and difficult to understand. However, at the end of the game, you will be a satisfied lot. The game is real solid and the visuals are real pleasant to say the least. Download.

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