How To Change Blogger Post And Static Page Url Permalink

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Many of us who have recently started our journey from blogger identifies allot of problems regarding on page seo. Blogger do not allows most drastic on page solutions, for that matter a professional move ahead towards wordpress or php custom developed website. Which problems we usually face by using blogger? Share your views with us, ok lets carryon towards permalink settings issues.

Good news for those who are really very curious about to change their post or page permalink, Google have introduced an option on the right column above post description. First of all you need to write your title in the title field than you can edit it from permalink option, if don’t jump over it, than your post title will remain unchanged.

Reason to change url?

Why you want to set your custom permalink? Your post URL or permalink must be unique or differ from your and others websites urls. For that matter what you will do? Change your title to make a change in your permalink? No, you just setup custom url from the latest permalink settings option. A good url is one who don’t have date, excessive full stop and emoticons.

If my post topic is how to change blogger post url using custom settings than it will shows like this, You must cut out date from it and squeeze it according to your desire only from the help of using this feature. Make sure there must be dashes between every word otherwise it will not allow you to set up custom url.

Sometime blogger don’t show this permalinks option on the editor panel for that matter login to and you will find out pretty exact dashboard as in normal Now set up your new post here with a custom url. If you want to change your existing post url than make sure you will get 404 error against this url if it is already been cashed by Google or any other search engine. Save your post url first than edit it by clicking on Revert to draft than edit it permalink and publish your post.


How to redirect old post url to new one?

In wordpress you need to install redirection plugin and can replace your older with a new one. But in case of blogger you don’t need to custom install anything, in the settings there will be an option of redirect you just open it and setup redirection url on your desired post url to save your site from excessive 404 page errors.

Likewise you can also setup your static page url in blogger. Without using the option of alder interface as some of my friends insist us to do it from there, you don’t need to search any other unethical method. Why use older interface where as it even obsolete by Google itself, if you want to make a page on Write For Us than you just need to set its permalink from the radio option as I have mentioned earlier.


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  1. Prashant says:

    Nice to know about this. Yes, permalinks are needed to get seo values.

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