How to Get Your Blog to Be Mobile Friendly

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Many Americans rely completely on their mobile devices in order to get tasks done and socialize with friends and family. Mobile devices are also handy for keeping in contact with different brands, so businesses need to ensure that their websites can be seen no matter where they are accessed from. How to promote your business through mobile? In order to make your blog more mobile friendly, consider the following:

1. Test your website to see if it is mobile friendly.

Before you begin doing any major changes to your existing website, you need to test it. Luckily, there are various tools available to help you test your website. In fact, many of them work simply by typing in your URL.

A particularly simple tool to use is Google’s Mobile Meter. All you have to do is:

  • Visit the Mobile Meter website at
  • Enter the URL and then hit “Test My Site”
  • View your page after it has been converted
  • Check out the page and download a PDF file with recommendations

Since the recommendations are given to you through Google itself, I highly recommend following everything it says in order to rank well.

2. Use a WordPress theme already optimized for mobile devices.

If you choose a WordPress theme to begin with that is already optimized for mobile devices, you will not have to deal with all the extra hassle. What such a theme means is that your mobile visitors will see something different when visiting your website than desktop users.

Mobile versions of the same website will still function well since they are essentially the same website but less graphic intense. If you want to create a mobile version of your website, I would personally recommend using the WPtouch plugin, which is a plugin I use on my own websites.

You can also use responsive designs for your websites to make them more mobile friendly. When using responsive designs, the following will happen:

  • Information will be displayed differently to best fit the screen of device is used. For example, if a mobile visitor is using an iPad, the information will be displayed in two columns. This format will eliminate the need to scroll to the right to see the rest of the material.
  • Images will be resized to best fit the screen of the device used. Responsive designs are especially handy on mobile devices for the fact that the images are re sized. The images will take up less room on the screen and eliminate the need for right scrolling.

It should be noted that Google itself recommends the use of responsive designs for your websites. In order to best learn how to make money from blogging, you should really adjust your practices accordingly when Google offers recommendations.

3. Create a completely different mobile version of your website.

Although it will require more work, you may want to consider having two separate websites.  However, to build a mobile version of your site, you will need to find a trusted developer to work with. If you are feeling particularly resourceful and bold, you can create your own mobile site using such services as Duda mobile.

To create your mobile site using Dudamobile, you just need to enter your website URL in the field indicated. Once you have entered the URL, you will be guided through choosing templates, adding new content, editing the site design, and more. Be careful during uploading heavy video from various sources like facebook and youtube to promote your blog.

4. Consider using native applications.

Native applications are applications used for creating functional interfaces for specific smartphones. The applications can run directly on the smartphones and even use the hardware, such as cameras. However, they are not particularly helpful for making blogs more mobile since you will need to create a number of applications for each type of smartphone. If your budget is limited, the cost of creating multiple native applications may not be cost effective.

If you want to be as successful as possible, it is important that you make your website mobile. Not only will your customers be able to check out products and services whenever and wherever they want, but you will be able to put the right offers at their fingertips at precisely the right moments.

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  1. Jenny Samuel says:

    Awesome one!!! Today mobile phones and blogging are the two which plays a major role. Integrating these two is appreciable. So from now we can blog from our Smartphone no need to search for a lap or desktop :)

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