How to Turn PDF Presentations into PowerPoint Slides

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Microsoft PowerPoint is among the top choice software for conveying information in the form of clear, visually appealing presentation. It offers numerous possibilities for both amateur presenters (usually students), and business professionals whose inspiring presentations can lead to good business deals and promotions.

PDF to PowerPoint Converter:

The form of a PPT presentation is simple: a number of slides that contain attractive images paired with neatly structured text. However, the MS PowerPoint package offers many options for visually enhancing this simple form, starting from the choice of background designs, through photo repositioning and creating automatic slideshows, to adding audio effects to the presentation. Creating a PPT slideshow can be a lot of fun, so it is often used for entertainment and not just for business projects.

There are a number of additional tools that come handy to PowerPoint users, because they offer options that the MS PowerPoint software does not. One of these tools is the Free Online PDF to PowerPoint Converter.

All presentation makers should be familiar with this nifty tool that allows them to quickly translate presentations archived as PDF files into their original PowerPoint slides. It comes handy when users receive a PDF presentation that needs adding or removing some pages, inserting new photos, or any of the advanced PowerPoint options described above. In order to use this tool, users only need a decent Internet connection and a valid email address.


Free Online PDF to PowerPoint Converter is very easy to use. The users should upload their PDF document, write their email address and click on the “Start” button to start the PDF to PPT conversion.

A direct link to the newly converted PowerPoint presentation is quickly sent to the user’s inbox and can be downloaded in the next 24 hours. After that period the tool provider erases all uploaded documents for the safety of user information.

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