How To Use & Download Odin 3.0 To Update Android Phones

| January 22, 2013 | 6 Comments

Odin is a computer derived application which is used to update and root your android firmware for Samsung smart phones. By the times, Odin itself had been updated and now the latest version of Odin is quit handy and user friendly for everyone.

How to Use Odin To Update Android Phones

The maximum effort required from your side is that you have to download the latest version of Odin in your computer and then make it bug free. After the successful installation, you can use this application to update any of your smart phones.

Download Odin 3.0 To Update Android Phones

How to Use Odin 3.0 To Update Android Phones:

You first need to download the compatible version of Odin in your computer. Then turn your phone in USB debugging mode and connect it with the computer. Executing the Odin, load the desired update file in this application and select the channel of your specific device. Then launch the start process action. Once it starts, it will end up resulting in the new and more epic interface of your device.


One major factor to be mention here is that, SAMSUNG KIES won’t load while using Odin. And specifying it more comprehensively, we state here that Odin is used only for SAMSUNG smart phones.



Here we categorically mention that using Odin you can update your smart phones in the scripted order. This is said by the developers. In case of any damage to your device by using Odin, we shall not be held responsible.


Download Odin 3.0 To Update Android Phones

Download Odin to update your android on latest OS click the link to download.

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  1. jon prior says:

    When i download the link my phone says no application can perform this action,do i just leave that
    and it will show up later or do i connect my phone first to the computer before i press this link?
    Or am suppose to be reading and doing all this from my computer anyway?

  2. Umair Iqbal says:

    cant find link in forums.xda, can you please share direct link?

  3. VERITOVDR says:

    Here is Odin 3.07 updated link 2013 and drivers for samsung

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