How to increase the Battery timings of IOS Operated Iphone & Ipads

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In the daily life, most of us don’t bother charging the phone properly because everyone is so freaking busy with the happenings. All of us want the tremendous increase in the battery timings despite the fact that we bear a harsh use of cell phones. There is also possibility to charge your mobile phone without any charger for that matter you need to specify you’re mobile according to its usage. But still it will better to save you cell phones battery instead of attempting it to charge from other sources.

Tips to increase Battery timings:
Anyways the concerned issue of the content is to tell a couple of simple techniques that how you can increase the battery performance of your phone. In most of the smart phones, there are no codes and geneses which upon putting will automatically boost the power with hidden amount of charge. All you need to do is to physically perform the small attentive and care taking step to avoid the battery drainage of your phone. Let’s have a look at few useful tips;

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Follow the Guidelines:

1-      After using any of the random application, you need to close it properly so that it may not be running in the background. It happens mostly that one doesn’t remove the application consumption properly and it keeps sucking the energy of your batter.

2-      As soon as you get the accessibility to a USB port whether in your laptop or computer, plug-in your phone for the extra time.

3-      Also shut off all the random browsers and messengers keep going on your phone to avoid excessive usage of battery.

4-      Place your i-phone in moderate temperature and avoid it from external heat and processor heat-ups. It may reduce the life of your battery.

5-      After using the phone, lock it with no reason. Click the button on the top and get done with battery saving.

6-      Try randomly available software for battery boosting.

7-      Avoid high brightness if not required.


Above are the listed techniques to avoid the battery drain of your phone and enhanced battery timings.

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