Install Android Ics 4.0.4 Cyanogenmod 9 For Galaxy Y

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A low price smart series was introduced by SAMSUNG a while ago. This Galaxy Y series is cheap in cost and gives the taste of adjusted smart phones just within the price of a Symbian or Java based phone. You can always install the applications and go further to the limits is you root a smart phone. More interestingly this article is about experiencing the Ice Cream Sandwich on such a low end and less price phone.

cyanogenmod 9 for galaxy y:

No doubt to taste the sweet of 4.0 ics you must need to go for high end phone, still if you can’t buy this and want to enjoy ics on your galaxy y than you follow these simple steps. The taste of ICS 4.0.4 is just baked by the developers of XDA who brought the impressive outcome of their efforts for this phone, which by default comes with Android Ginger Bread 2.3.6.

Devs have developed the CyanogenMod 9 for Galaxy Y and it works successfully.Let’s we carry further and see how you can enjoy this update.

cyanogenmod 9 for galaxy y


The CyanogenMod 9 Update firmware for the Samsung Galaxy y is developed by XDA dev and all the sources are rooted to them. We here by claim that incase of any damage to your device, Techblis shall not be held responsible. The content of this article directly bears the stated procedure by the developers.


Like always, there are some important things you need to do before you start with a tentative procedure of updating your phone.

Install the required Android USB drivers in you computer.

Check that your phone is about 80% of charge. Incase the phone goes off during the procedure; its mother board may depart permanently.

Form a backup of all your important data and your belongings from the phone. During the custom flashing, you need to give a factory reset to your phone which may lead to serious data loss.

Begin the Procedure To Install ICS Cyanogenmod 9:

Following is the tentative procedure for updating your firmware by CyanogenMod 9 Update. All you need to do is to follow this procedure exactly without any mishandling. Custom flashing is a typical sensitive procedure so it is recommended to consult some experience person before you start. Hereby are the steps to update.

1-      Download the CyanogenMod 9 update file to your PC.

2-      Switch your phone to USB debugging mode. And connect it with phone.

3-    Copy the downloaded update file to your SD card. And get your phone out from computer.

4-      Switch off your phone and switch it into bootloader mod. For this you need to press volume down and power buttons simultaneously.

5-      Once you enter the cloackwork mod of recovery, give a factory reset to your phone which will automatically wipe off all the data from your phone.

6-      After this, use power button to select the zip file from your SD memory card. Press power button to select it after you scroll on it.

7-      Once you select it, wait for the installation to complete, which will automatically start upon selecting it.

8-      After the installation completes, go to reboot from the settings and select it. As soon as your phone bears a reboot, it will be loaded with CynogenMod 9.

Congratulations, now you can enjoy the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 CyanogenMod 9 for Galaxy Y. dont forget to hit like on facebook and google+ if you like this post, subscribe our frrd to find future updates of your Smart Phone.

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  1. lokman says:

    where to download…???….have any bug…on this version


    lokman there is not any bug on Cyanogenmod 9 ICS for galaxy y. you can download from CM-9 available all versions .ZIP files.

  3. LOKMAN says:

    which one file for glaxy y…HElp

  4. LOKMAN says:

    tnx q…

  5. LOKMAN says:

    why my phone go blank after reboot it…HELP

  6. androidfreak says:

    does camera and bluetooth work?

  7. androidfreak says:

    srry fr the trouble bt i just wanted to knw whn was it releasd….is it the old cm9 version if galaxy y or a new one??

  8. androidfreak says:

    thnx a lott for the infrmation

  9. androidfreak says:

    the link u provided is not for galaxy y

  10. sharath says:

    can i able to boot the ics 4.04 without using pc

  11. amir says:

    why my galaxy y always say (android.process) and force close a program and i cant make a call and cant use whatapp.. HELP!

  12. my galaxy y camera error (can’t connect to camera).. how to fix this.. pls help

  13. Faisal Saeed says:

    My mobile don’t recoverfrom sleep mod. what should i do?

  14. rahul says:

    Not install cm9 in my galaxy y phone

  15. Sanket says:


  16. Milan says:

    Where are the links to download the cyanogen mod file???

  17. Tech Blis says:

    Sorry for inconvenience.i have updated cyanogenmod 9 download link in the post,

  18. richard says:

    sir i allready try all.. but my phone did not work at all.. plss help me what im goin to do..

    • Tech Blis says:

      Richard problem must be on your part of installing it in your mobile phone, where is its stable rom, what problem you are facing? have you tried out this?

  19. manny retone says:

    pls fix the keyboard because it only show half of it.

  20. dadziok says:

    Yeah i done everything just like you said but i didn’t worked well so i restored my old backup and when i start my phone and enter my PIN Code the screen just goes black. I don’t know what to do! Please help me!

    • Tech Blis says:

      I am sorry dear if your phone is not working properly, You dont need to go for restore your phone, Unrooting was its solution if you’r phone dont run properly on cynogenmod 9. I have also shared its unrooting procedure many times in the post comments. Let me chek the solution of your problem and will get back to you soon,..

  21. Tech Blis says:

    Those who have succesfully installed ics cyanogenmod on their galaxy y and facing wifi and bluetooth issue must consult the link below: ForumXDA

  22. nikhil says:

    Is it real ics or just 2.3.6 or ics ui launcher.

  23. Lyle says:

    My phone Is not going inside bootloader mod.

  24. umair aziz says:

    My phone is like galaxy s4 now :) Thanks for great tutorial. huhu

  25. Razesh says:

    My phone goes with black screen after installation .. what to do :( i m just worried ….

  26. Hi Razesh unroot your phone now, there must be some installation error accour during the procedure.

    umair aziz@ You welcome.

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