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Despite the tough competition in market, Nikon has stepped in with one more technology emergence named as Nikon D3000. Although not trend breaking camera but D3000 is for sure a pocket friendly camera for the beginners. This content is about Nikon D3000 Features and Review, Alternating with D40 (released in 2006) and D60 (released in 2007) Nikon gone out with many features as same to these cameras like 10mp CCD sensor as the D60 affirms with, but convincing the same market peers, D3000 comes up 11 point AF system that is being offered in D90 (a pioneer camera by Nikon).


Nikon D3000 Features and Review:

By further it includes 10.75 mp resolution setup (10.2 billion effective pixels), that create a sight resonance image on a 3’’ wide fixed LCD. Simultaneously offering the image sensor technology (sensor shake and anti-airflow), Nikon reimburses its buyer with more captivating 11 point AF with 3D tracking. Not widely much but ISO ranges from 100-1600 (100-3200 expanded) that let you feel your picture more united in display. Photo review gives you 72 thumbnails with calendar view in playback.

Company offers the camera with prime package lens 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 G AF, featured silent wave AF motor. Another market drag feature is the competency with other Nikon Digital SLR cameras. D3000 hits a large number of sales with strong merchandising effect.

D5000 is another internal competitor to D3000 which stays back just because of pocket friendly price of D3000. Nikon cheers the beginners and initial level professionals with this launch. With no high lightening difference in design to D5000 (swivel screen exception) D3000 is not less than more joyful cameras for alternative to which it was launch.

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