Root Your Sony Xperia GO ST27 On Icecream Sandwich

| January 28, 2013 | 10 Comments

Xperia Go ST27 is middle end user smart phone by Sony Ericson which provides the maximum functionalities of high end android phone. According to the price range, Xperia Go is full of energetic features and options which you can avail to the peak.

Sony Xperia GO Rooting Procedure On ICS:

But buying a middle range phone and not allowed to rescue your time of enjoyment with your phone because you are not permitted to install more apps and stuff in your phone? any incentives? Don’t worry; we are here to provide you the super lock opener so that you could enter the vicinity of your very own Xperia GO ST27.

A few months ago, android released the official firmware update for this phone and now developers have gained the charm to root this phone on its official firmware Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

All you need to do is to follow the tutorial scripted below so that you can avail this option.


The content given below is completely sourced by the developers and you may apply this method on your own risk. In case of any damage to your device, Techblis shall not be held responsible.



Before starting the procedure, there are few things which you need to cover.

1-      Firstly make it sure that you have all the required Android USB Drivers.

2-      Check that your phone has about 80% of battery charging. In case your phone goes switched off during this procedure, it may depart permanently.

3-      Switch your phone in USB debugging mode.

4-      Most importantly, make a reliable back-up of your important data and belonging from the phone, as during the procedure, your data might be lost.

Let’s see how you can do the job by applying the following tutorial.


Step-by-Step Rooting Procedure:

1-      Download the desired package in your computer and extract it.

2-      Connect your phone to computer and copy that file into your phone’s SD memory card.

3-      Disconnect the phone and switch it off.

4-      Now enter the downloading mode by pressing volume up+ power+ home buttons and holding them simultaneously.

5-      As you enter there, select ‘’choose install zip from SD card’’ by scroll down using the volume buttons.

6-      Then select ‘’install zip from memory card’’.

7-      Select this option and execute the program. Follow all the instructions you have been asked for. Once the process starts, it will take about 5 minutes to complete.

8-      As the process completes, your phone will reboot and as it restores, it is rooted. Check for verification by installing any application which demands the root permission.

Congratulations, you are successfully done in order to root Sony Ericson Xperia Go ST27.

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  1. John Randy says:

    Nice man, great post worked for my xperia. except my jave apps every thing is running fine, is there any problem regarding latest OS updation? i’l appriciate your suggestions.

  2. why i cant enter my downlad mode ? i press volume up + hom + power button but nothing happens :/ help ?

    • I’m having the same problem… I switched the phone off, then I pressed volume_up+power+home many times; the times I pressed the buttons untill the first vibration it started normally and the times I kept them pressed for a longer period the phone restarted normally or went completely off. I cheked in the user’s manual and it says that keeping pressed volume_up+power works to restart the phone… I would like to know if I’m pressing the wrong buttons or if I’m pressing them in the wrong way ¿?… Help!

      • Tech Blis says:

        OK just forget bout step four if it is not working, just enable your phones debugging Mod by following this procedure.

        Go to Settings.
        Tap on “Applications”.
        Then go to “Development”.
        Now check “USB debugging” Enable.

        your phone will be detected by your PC than proceed towards extracting files folder as mentioned in step one which you have downloaded, finally run the batch file ‘RunMe.bat‘.

        • MR FAHMI says:

          yes..after you install RunMe.bat,turn off your phone and start it with hold and release volume down will enter recovery mode

    • Tech Blis says:

      Klemen Dolenc you also follow the procedure I have mentioned below this comment. Hope you will find best way to root your sony experia Go. Best of luck.

  3. Jhon Randy says:

    Thanks MR FAHMI for this tip. I was also trying the wrong procedure for enabling download mod.

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