Strategies to Get Experts in Your Niche to Help Promote Your Blog

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No matter how interesting and informative your blog is, you will not benefit from it unless you bring in traffic. Driving traffic can be the hardest part of starting a blog, although there’s no need to despair because here are some helpful tips:

Build a Blog Containing Quality Content

If you are serious about getting yourself known as a trustworthy brand, you absolutely must have a blog containing only the very best content. There are various formats available to create unique content that your audience (and niche experts) will love. For example, you can use:

• Pictures
• Infographics
• Podcasts
• Videos
• eBooks
• White papers
• Articles

Research the Experts in Your Niche

In order to see what you are up against, you need to research the experts in your niche. You can easily do this by doing keyword searches and seeing what sites dominate Google’s top page ranks. You can also locate niche experts by browsing through various forums or through social media.

Once you have the key players in mind, you need to learn what you can about what they offer, as well as how they promote themselves. By becoming familiar with how they interact with their audience and what kind of tone they set, you will be able to see if they are a fit for your needs (or vice versa).

Network With the Niche Experts

In order to really get your name out there, you have to network with the niche experts to build a working relationship. Although I know this can seem quite scary at times, working with niche experts will help bring your blog to new heights.

If you are starting a blog and want to get it off the ground, niche experts can definitely help. However, you can’t just contact them out of the blue and demand for them to put up a link to your blog. Instead, you have to warm them up and prove to them that you have what it takes to provide the quality their audience deserves.

When contacting a niche expert through email, you need to keep things simply and light. In fact, here are some tips on what you should do:

• Introduce yourself
• Compliment the niche expert’s work or website (keep it simple and light or you will definitely be seen as a suck-up)
• Ask an easy question or two

Once you establish a two-way conversation, you need to remember to avoid promoting yourself right away. When you finally do promote yourself, keep these points in mind:

• Only provide quality and relevant content
• Make sure you embed a link back to your blog in the body using JavaScript or HTML coding to make it easier for the webmaster
• Thank the niche expert

Once the niche expert posts your link, a guest post, add you to the resource section, etc., don’t just move on. You need to continue networking with the niche expert in order to maintain a healthy working relationship.

Create Guest Posts

When starting a blog and needing attention, guest posts are definitely the way to go. You can attract tons of traffic from a well placed guest post on an authority site. Even those that are not authority sites can still bring heaps of traffic to your blog, although you will just need to ensure that it is quality traffic. After all, traffic from poor sources can do more damage than good these days.

When making guest posts, remember to always put your best foot forward. If the post you plan to give to someone else is not something you would proudly show off on your own blog, then don’t bother. If you don’t provide other websites with the best quality you can, you will not get much back in return.

When making guest posts, just remember to check if there are any fees attached. Some webmasters charge guest bloggers for space in order to have a piece appear on their website. If this is the case, do your research first to see if the fee will be worth the exposure you get.

With these helpful tips, you will get a head start when starting a blog and getting the traffic to help make it successful.

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