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Music is essence of life. If you like listening to music while on a go, during sleep time, in the shower and if music is something that makes you to concentrate on your stuff, then it’s safe to call you a music junkie! To have a great music experience with your Apple gadgets, install following music apps.

1.    SoundHound

If you have an issue to recall the name or the album of the song that you have been listening throughout the day, or want to stay connected with the popular music and what-is-in-these-days music; then SoundHound is the app for you. This app is popular for recognizing the song of your choice at a fast rate. Also, in order to save time you can just hum the tune of the song for few seconds and the app will automatically recognize the song. You can download this app for free in your Apple device.

2.    TuneIn Radio

We have heard iPhone users complaining number of times that the Apple device does not come with FM radio. If you have such complaint, then TuneIn Radio is the app for you. This free app is the bittersweet alternate to the FM. While it allows you to enjoy music on radio, its bitter side consumes lot of data if you are not connected to Wi-Fi. However, the app offers the users different radio stations round the world, including sports, news, and entertainment besides your local radio stations.

3.    Ringtone Designer

Some like funky ringtones, some serious ones and some go for songs as their ringtones. Converting songs from your playlist to an mp4 file and then transferring them to your iPhone can be too much hassle. Install Ringtone Designer app to make ringtone directly from the songs in your phone. iOS 5 users can also create text message and email alert tones by using this app for free.

4.    Drum Kit

If you are an amateur musician, always trying to make your music or trying to give a different beat to your favourite songs or experimenting with a new musical instrument, then Drum Kit is the app for you.  This app offers different beats such to practice and create your own music. Select the beat of your choice or combine different beats to create a new tune for your song. Select a song from your music library and add a different beat to it through this app – for free.

5.    Gibson Learn & Master with Studio Share

If you are a guitar enthusiast and want to improve or learn guitar play, then install Gibson Learn & Master into your iPhone. This app will help you practice guitar notes by creating lessons for you. You can also record your guitar lessons to compare your performance. Share your lessons on your social network profile or send it to your friends. This app is available at Studio Share for free download. After 90 days, the user would have to buy subscription from the studio.


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