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With smartphones becoming more advanced than ever before, it seems as though many phones are just as capable at completing tasks as many computers. Unfortunately with all of these advances in technology such as the ability to browse the Web, download complex applications and access pertinent information all on your phone, there is a number of hackers who are keen to take advantage of this new technology as well.

Security Apps for Android Phones:

Android has become a big target for mobile malware and viruses just the same as many Windows-based PCs. Just as you can get malware, adware or viruses on your computer you can now just as easily get them on your phone which can seriously restrict the functions of your mobile device. Not only will you have issues calling people, using your mobile browser, or applications but you may find that your phone will begin to slow down or cease certain functions. Removing this malicious material from your phone is extremely important and better yet, preventing it is the best way to ensure that your phone remains in working order.


Keeping your data secure is also a big portion of protecting your phone. Any of the information that is stored on your mobile could be easily collected if you don’t make efforts to protect yourself. Trojans can potentially send stolen data back to their creators which could include your mobile banking details, credit card purchases, personal notes, contacts info etc.

So here are top five security apps that you can use with Android to ensure that you are protected from major security threats:

McAfee Wavesecur
McAfee Wavesecur is a simple app that will allow you to back up data and track your device. If your phone was ever stolen or you ever lost your phone you can directly lock your phone and still have access to many of your texts and information on your home-based computer. Being able to wipe any key data from it and keep your phone regularly free of any information that could be used against you will help to protect your data. The backup settings also makes it very simple to restore your phone if it ever breaks or gets lost.

Antivirus Free
This is one of the most popular applications for security that is available for download in the Android marketplace. Antivirus Free program works very similarly to one that you would find on your computer. It can scan through any of your installed applications for malware and other potential security threats. It is highly rated an extremely easy use, this small prevention method could be just the thing to save you from any application threats that may damage your phone.

If you find that your Android device may already be infected with some form of malware, you can download this application to have the process cease whenever it tries to further infect your system. You can set the application permissions to stop certain applications from accessing data and also to close applications whenever malware is detected. DroidDreamKiller free app is excellent if you find that you are already infected and cannot remove the threat.

MSecure – Password Manager
If you are worried about your passwords being stolen and your accounts being hacked, MSecure Password Manager has always been a great way that you can prevent this data from falling into the wrong hands. This mobile version of a password manager allows you to securely login to all of your accounts and store a number of passwords on your phone. It has special encryption keeping all of your passwords completely safe and secure as well as a password generator that will help you to create extremely difficult passwords to protect your data.

AegisLab Antivirus Free
AegisLab Antivirus free is an excellent preventative measure that will allow you to scan applications before you download them. Doing a quick scan of an app will allow you to see any potential threats that the application might have, this is an excellent preventative measure that will help you to identify suspicious apps and also avoid downloading any malware or applications that might slow down the functions of your phone.

Keeping these essential applications in mind will help you to have a much more secure Android device which can ensure the protection of your data and that you can have extended use of your Android phone.


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    Securing your phone and files is very important when your always doing online and likes to download new apps. We don’t know when will the virus and malwares attack our phone.

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