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Hands on android phone and still looking for external webcam for chatting either on skype, viber hotmail messenger, get your phone near to your tablet pc and connect it to them let it work as webcam. Putting an attractive mercury look camera on your table may cost you sometime much more than the reality.

Webcams at time were the most required accessory of computer to create the visual link between two persons chatting on messenger. Placing an individual camera on your side with extra wire and port ache, sometimes doesn’t feel cool and handy. You may need to locate a position for it every day when sun changes the location after every two hours.

Android Webcam

Tips To Use Android phone As Webcam:

So how far you can mark the targets of technology? Developers always think green for the users. Now after some time of making the efforts, now you can liquidate the efforts of developers in your hand. Now you can use your camera phone as a webcam while chatting with your loved ones. There are various applications available around the android aftermarket. IP Cam, IP webcam and many other applications are now available. You can download them for free with a little effort of software installation in your computer; you can stay free from the tension of sitting at one single place to hold your visual connection with the person sitting on the other side. This ultimately leads to easier mode of communication.

How Does It Works:

Starting adequately with initial steps of working, you need to download the IP webcam app which is best rated yet and then install it in your Android Phone app box. Remember! This application is customize for android devices only. After installing this application, you need to install the operating software in your computer which is known as IP Camera Adapter. As a recommendation, it is suggested to have chrome or Firefox in your computer as this app doesn’t work well with Internet Explorer.

Use Android phone As Webcam

After you install both modules on your android device and computer, first open IP webcam app in your phone and open the setting menu of app, from there, look out the best suited option of resolution, image quality, view size and all.

Then pair up the most relevant technical settings of both IP address and portal adjustments. After you are done with everything on your phone, come to computer and launch the IP Cam Adapter settings on your computer windows. From there, place the right IP address to locate the desired device.

Then select a username and password for you as this is not only meant for security reason infect it works only when log-in to your portal.

With everything settled in your computer, now you need to click Auto Detect button very next to resolution settings and from there, your connected device will be searched.

Then click apply to utilize these settings. As a forehead part, you need to re-launch the application which you want to use like Skype or Yahoo messenger.

Once you restart your application, it will automatically synchronize with the camera of your mobile phone.


Now you can take your phone to the other corner of your house and use the camera as webcam which will be connected to the computer via portal setting using a wifi connection. Hope you like this content and will be sufficient to understand the demonstration. If you like these tips subscribe for more updates, and hit like facebook and twitter.


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  1. husain says:

    i have an android phone, but i have no pc i want to use my phone as a web cam to chat with whatsapp software.
    how can i use this as a web cam.

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