Use Xml Sitemap As An Effective Seo Tool

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With the inception of content management systems, web site development and management became an easy job as these software enabled everyone from the clients to the web masters to easily create and manage content for their web sites. Considering all these fantastic benefits as offered by the CMS, many web owners and site masters pictured hiring web developers as an unnecessary need.

However this is actually true only to an extent. Yes, the content management systems work brilliant as far as you are planning to create and manage the content of your website by yourself. but when it comes to Search engine optimization, the CMS may not prove to be equally effective.  This is indeed the downside of not hiring a professional web developer for your web site as by doing so you are actually making the SEO if your website to suffer. However, Drupal Developers San Francisco has recently come up with a wide array of modules which make search engine optimization easy and achievable for content producers. Some of these commonly used modules are node words, excerpt, page titles and the XML site map.

All the search engines employ something called search engine crawler for indexing web sites. The major purpose of these search engine crawlers is to list the web sites in a way that delivers the search engine user with the best and top most results relating to the keywords, phrase or the term searched. The easier you make it for all the search engine crawlers to index your website, the more are the chances for your web site or web page to appear in the top results of organic search results. This can be easily and effectively increased with the use do the Google site map or the XML site map.

On a general basis, such a map will allow you to declare a different value in order to set the importance for each web page on your web site. In addition to this, an XML site map will also enable you to inform almost every search engine that how often or how frequently you make changes to all toes pages of your web site. This way, you are not only making it easy for the search engines to crawl and index your web site on their organic search results but will also make them clear of the timely changes which you plan to bring to your web site so that it does to effect the top rankings already achieved by your web site.

However, this does not in any way implies that you have to include almost every web page of your web site in to the XML site map. Instead, this will depend directly on the type of your web site and form of your web page. Say, if your web site has been based on particular keywords, then listing all your content web pages including the ones with fewer keywords on the XML site map provided by the Drupal Developers San Francisco can actually draw the attention away from all the keyword rich content which you have put on your web site. For instance, say a particular search engine crawler has committed to index around X number of web pages from your web site. Now obviously, you would not wish to waste the limited number of these pages y including the weaker pages of your site such as the contact us page or any other similar page.

Therefore, in order to reap a maximized benefit out of this golden opportunity, you must priorities all the pages of your web site in a way that best promotes your company or business instead of picking on the random pages. However, on the contrary, if your web site is new on the net and carries authentic as well as search engine friendly content, you can even try declaring all the new pages of your site for indexing since your main target at this point of time would be to drive more visitors and traffic to your newly launched website. Keeping the above considerations in view, an XML site map would always automate all this processes for you irrespective of whatever SEO strategy you may employ.

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