Why Motorola Razr I Xt890 Is Still On Top Specifications

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Are you looking for a new smartphone in the mid range of the market? One of the best options you can get at the moment is the Motorola RAZR i, with contracts available for less than £25 and even less than £20 in some cases. Motorola have been making a big push over the past few years to compete with smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung, and are likely to release a high end ‘X Phone’ later this year. However, for the time being, the RAZR i is a solid, high powered phone to look into.

Motorola Razr I Specs:

The RAZR i is fitted with an Intel Atom Medfield 2 GHz processor, which uses multi threaded technology around a single core to make it highly efficient; the speed generated by the processor makes it one of the strongest phones on the market, and means that calls, Internet browsing, and apps will run very quickly. The RAZR i’s processing speed is backed up by a 2000 mAH battery and 1 GB of RAM.

Although the RAZR i was launched last year with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, it has now been updated to feature Jelly Bean, the most recent version o the OS. With Jelly Bean, you get a slick interface that features a wide range of apps, while the RAZR i has some specific widgets that allow you to navigate through the phone’s features – Circles is particularly useful for switching between basic functions on the phone, while you can load up different home screens.

One of the more distinctive features of the RAZR i is its screen, which runs right to the edge of the handset’s 4.8 x 2.4 x 0.3 dimensions, meaning that you can get a 4.3 inch screen – the entire phone is about the same size as the iPhone 5. Although the RAZR i’s screen is not full HD at 540 x 960 pixels, its Super AMOLED technology still means that you get sharp colours and plenty of colour depth; the phone comes with Kevlar protection and Gorilla glass to avoid damage.

In terms of Internet performance, the RAZR i comes with WiFi, GPS, and 3G, and features support for Flash and different browsers. The inclusion of the Intel processor means that browsers run quickly, although at present the RAZR i is not available with 4G – future versions of the smartphone may, however, include this feature.

The camera for the RAZR i is a standard 8 MP, which is enough to deliver good pictures in reasonable light; you can also use HDR settings in order to make the most of different lighting conditions. Automatic focusing is available, although you can change it by tapping your finger. The front facing camera on the RAZR i is VGA only, and is best used for video conversations.

The main thing to remember about the RAZR is that it’s an up to date Android handset with the extra power of the Intel processor, and a distinctively large screen for its size. You can also fit a micro SD card to increase your data storage to 64 GB, and can enjoy a good battery life as long as you don’t run too many apps or Wi-Fi and 3G.


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